PIP BOY 2000 N-Z

Hello everyone, Cooperation project with Nvidia Taiwan Fallout76 game theme. I am honored to have been invited to participate in the Nvidia Geforce Taiwan TGS event for a modding project. For this project, I wanted to try a different style than usual and took the theme of Fallout 76 as the starting point. To showcase the Geforce RTX 2080Ti and the ZADAK MOAB II WATER-COOLED PC, I thought of the classic in-game item PIP BOY 2000 as a fitting concept for the mod. I decided to focus on this concept to complete the mod's highlight. The PIP BOY 2000's screen was perfect for showcasing the internal hardware of the MOAB II WATER-COOLED PC case's front, and the lower part of the tape storage was designed to integrate the Geforce RTX 2080Ti, which also highlighted the graphics card's features. For this mod, I wanted to try an aging style that I had not done before, which was challenging to implement. I used a lot of 3D printing to showcase all the assembled components at the bottom, with each component taking approximately 15-23 hours, and a total of about 20 small and large parts. From 3D printing, filling, sanding, and painting, the painting process alone took ten layers, which was very time-consuming. I also had to handle rust and aging effects, and the filling process required waiting for 6-8 hours for complete hardening before sanding. Each component took about two weeks to complete. For coloring, I also added a rust effect, which took approximately two weeks to complete. I started with epoxy primer, followed by topcoat primer, rust effect paint surface treatment, metal rust paint, effect paint, topcoat, damaged paint scraping, aging effect treatment, and finally, a layer of transparent paint. I used CNC, laser cutting, iron, and aluminum components to create the metal parts of the prop, and I wanted to showcase every detail, including the rotating pointer. I also retained the original features of the case, such as the temperature display, which was integrated into the position where the original speaker was located. I also made some changes to the position of the touch-sensitive switch, and the water inlet was pulled out and combined with the modified component to make it more realistic.


  • CPU

  • MB

  • GPU

  • RAM

    • ZADAKSHIELD RGB DDR4 3200MHz 16GB (8GBx2)
  • SSD

    • APACERAS2280 M.2 SATA III 128G
  • PSU

  • FAN

Water Cooling