Lian Li DK-05F

As a professional case modder, I recently built a new workplace to practice my passion. For this new place, I needed a computer that could perform well enough to let me work on my custom parts and also let me game every once in a while to relieve the pressure. The new DK-05F from LIAN LI is a dual system desk PC case that could allow me to have a standing/sitting down desk with two systems where each could be optimized for their own purpose. Most of my time was dedicated to cable management, water cooling routing, and overall aesthetic. Starting with two colors to distinguish the two systems, planning the water cooling took more time, as the desk is so big and the runs are quite long. I decided to trim the desk with walnut wood to give it a nice classic feel, and added custom-designed speaker stands (also made of walnut and aluminum). Cable management was the most challenging part because a dual system results in double the cables. With such an open design, figuring out the best order to mount all the components became a crucial part of the cable management. The edge of the top panel helped to hide most of the cable excess, and the removable motherboard trays and various mounting brackets were lifesavers to prevent scratching the frame of the desk when mounting parts and moving things around.


  • CPU

    • AMDRyzen 9 3900X
  • MB

  • GPU

  • RAM

  • SSD

  • PSU

    • ROGTHOR-850P X2
  • CASE

  • FAN

Water Cooling