EOD 2042

I am honored to be part of a modification project in collaboration with NVIDIA GeForce Taiwan and ASUS Republic of Gamers, with the theme of the game Battlefield 2042. The inspiration for this project comes from the game's trailer, which features a bomb-disposal robot, and this served as the basis for the entire modification. We created a functional tank chassis that can be controlled remotely using a server, which has been modified to match the size and proportions of the robot in the game. The chassis includes stepper motors, a slow-speed motor, a lithium battery designed for electric cars, and a server. The upper structure was created using 3D printing and required several layers of sanding, filling, and painting to achieve the desired weathered effect. I also incorporated hardware components into the design of the robot, including the motherboard, which represents the control circuit board of the bomb-disposal vehicle, and the graphics card and water-cooling system, which are positioned vertically to resemble signal receivers.


Water Cooling